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Choosing the Perfect Diamond

A diamond can represent many different occasions in one’s life. Diamonds can signify a marriage, an heirloom, a graduation, or even a birthday gift. Whatever occasion it may be, diamonds are significant in everyday life. Cut, Color, and Clarity are all key when it comes to choosing your diamond! Like anything else in the world, research will help you get the best bang for your buck! Although Main Street Jewelers is not a large chain store, we can almost always beat the prices of our competitors when it comes to diamonds. We make it our priority to get you the best deal! No budget is too small and when you buy from us we guarantee satisfaction. Whether you are buying your first diamond or upgrading for your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, there are endless options. Knowing how to get the best deal at the right price is key, and we can help you find the perfect stone, no matter what the budget is! This video from GIA is very informative!

Diamond Chart

Cut of a Diamond

When choosing a diamond, cut is very important! There are many aspects to the cut of a stone. From shape to depth, there is a whole range of characteristics that help to determine which stone is right for you. The Stuller chart below explains what different proportions of a diamond look like:

Diamonds come in every shape and size! Trillion (triangle), heart, oval, pear, cushion, emerald, princess, marquise, and of course the classic round, are a few of the most popular diamond shapes. There are also certain diamonds that aren’t calibrated as well as newly cut stones are. Old mine diamonds were the very first form of a “brilliant” cut diamond and old European came along after that. Now diamonds are cut to a calibrated scale, but there are many of the older cut stones still floating around in family heirloom pieces as well as in the open market. Whatever cut that you choose will sparkle for years to come!

Diamond Shapes

 Color of a Diamond

Color is a very significant characteristic of a diamond, almost more important than clarity. Unlike fancy colored diamonds, regular diamonds are better when they are colorless. The chart below gives an idea of what color to look for where white diamond are concerned:

Diamond Colors

Clarity of a Diamond

The flaws in a diamond are of major importance when it comes to clarity. The clarity of a diamond is last our list, but not certainly least of the key factors in deciding on a diamond. Anything above an SI1 clarity is a great choice because you need magnification to see any impurities! The Stuller chart below gives examples of diamond clarity:

Diamond Clarity
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